Friday, January 21, 2011

Christmas Fun

Christmas morning..... Just a little excited!
Time to open!

Love this face

Doesn't every 8 year old girl want this hat for Christmas?

They loved their gifts from Austin and Campbell...thanks you guys!!

Sarah and Felicity
Gotta love the wide array of tastes....coon hat and AG doll!
Love you, Sarah Anne:)
Jesus' Birthday cake.....needed more icing, but it still worked:)

Christmas Dinner.....chicken chili and homemade cornbread

Georgia with her momma, Lucy. Dropped her off Christmas night at the Hollifields. Needless to say, I don't think she missed us too much!

The 3 amigos enjoying the sledding
adventure in the woods the day after Christmas Snowed in.....our white day-after Christmas

Love this picture of the creek behind our house


Jackamo said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!! We would LOVE to come visit you guys. Let's talk!

Christine said...

I think your Sarah is going to be a tall girl - she just looks so long in these pics. Luke looks a lot like your sister's girls (in a very boyish way :) )
These are sweet pics - looks like a great Christmas and the kids are quite happy with Georgia - (I had a wiem...whatever when I was little name Rosie) they are pretty dogs.